The Purpose Of Iniquity

The bible defines evil as in two forms, transgression or iniquity. Iniquity is the deliberate act of evil in full knowledge of the commandment against it, whilst transgression is the unknowing act of disobedience, as well as the unwilling act of sin made by those that wish to repent yet remain backsliding; the actions of a man whom is not truthfully born again with the comfort of the Holy Spirit.

Iniquity was also related to the vessels of worship, in that they had to be dedicated and presented as clean to the Lord with offerings against the iniquity they represented. Now, an inanimate object has no iniquity other than that of the covetous eyes that are set upon it: The vessels being dedicated with offerings separated themselves out as the Lord's, Holy to Him, not for use of human hands that would seek to use them as if they were common objects.

Is iniquity itself a measure of the evil of the man, or of the amount of iniquity the measure of how easily the man is turned to evil? Where then does iniquity come from, aside from the devil himself? God created man without iniquity, although the serpent introduced it to man through the sin of Adam after Eve was tempted. Iniquity is not the invention of man, the fall of Adam was so as to preserve the relationship with Eve and I do not believe that iniquity is inherited as would original sin be said to be so: the innocent child does not understand that the toy should be put down, in the same way unaware that the commands of the parent are higher than the ways of the child, so the ways of God are higher than our own. There is clearly the line drawn between the transgression of the child and the iniquity of the devil.

The devil as evidenced by the level of iniquity in this world has indeed entered in and satan is the culprit. Whether possessed by madness or simply hell bent on destroying this work of God, (that will be God's only requirement to justify an ongoing creative work) the devil jealousy covets, unable to perform it himself, unable to create a single thing. God is free to create then on the basis it is His own territory, not that of another. (Against evil, He proves Himself the most high.)

If iniquity entered into the angel that was lucifer, now become satan, where did it enter in from? Clearly the words of lucifer evidenced in the word of the bible states "I will,..." and the fault is satan's and satan's own. He saw the opportunity to go down in history (further than anyone else) and he took it and is become for lack of a word, damned. That iniquity entered in shows that the fall of satan was such as not to be forgivable, or of a mistaken choice, or even of a lack of knowledge - but of full and willful disobedience.

The purpose of iniquity is the measure to which we have succumbed to our Father; in Christ we are spotless of it and if we be sons of the other guy with the red pyjamas, our iniquity is a measure of our desire to covet all, as after his own works and practices.

Iniquity is also the measure of the decidability of evil, for if there is a greater devil than satan that is the source of iniquity, he has stupidly missed his fifteen minutes of fame. To be found to have iniquity is to be unsanctified before God and to be declared as evil with the accoutrements of this present world, including satan and consigned to the second death along with the creation itself as it is destroyed in judgement on the last day. The devil then that has indeed entered in has a virus of iniquity, and iniquity is the ink he writes in.

Iniquity is the evidence of evil perceived, as opposed to the popular idea that faith is the evidence of things unseen. The argument against the existence of God from the basis of evil has no concept of iniquity,.. it is just a mental illness and is "treatable" or apparently it is possible for the individual hell bent on evil to be rehabilitated. Yet if all is simply a mental illness, to the God and the devil both, that view is an insanity and is deceived. Whomever came up with a thought like that is or must be iniquitous.

The underlying cause or purpose for iniquity? It is what i like to refer to as the potential difference between the terminals of the battery of the devil's double mind. Iniquity is the potential difference between the evil of the person doing the sin and the evil of the one tempting Him to do it. The smaller the difference, the closer the man is to the devil and the higher the voltage from "ground". Then iniquity to the innocent is at full to ground level, and the fault is clearly all the devils own. We could simply match the iniquity in every work of the devil as the iniquity of the dragon, that serpent of old. In taking the place of the schmuck, satan was just as evil then as the combined result of the full drop from his evil intent to the ground level of God.

Satan revels in pleasure at getting the innocent to sin, however the drop is from satan to "ground" and the potential is not summed over all creation and history to some "superlative dream of evil" from perfection to "everyone" now turned to evil, there is no great height there, just a small hole to stand in against the wrath of Almighty God. The devil is not to be feared, he has no strength in his temptation beyond the same of the initial fall. One should only fear God.

So, the devil is set apart from evil men by the mere difference that he is spirit, no doubt is completely insane and revels in doing the same pointless thing over and over. Unless by some miracle a man proves that "the devil made me do it" and shows himself holy, the concept of iniquity is in the difference between the initial intent of satan's jealousy to destroy God's work and the acts of innocence corrupted to 0 volts.

The super-devil's purpose to satan then, (given that satan is a useful idiot who is convinced he does not exist) would be to state to satan that the potential difference between God's good work and satans fall to ground (pun intended) is a matter of pride, and that truly is madness. The drop from super-devil to ground as found in the full good of God is not imaginable to men; there is no summation of iniquity across every fall from innocence, unless satan is truly an idiot and the super-devil is happy to fail himself, convincing everyone, satan and God included that he doesn't exist. I haven't met him either, have you?

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