Faith In The Face Of The Evidence - So Called Science

Just as most believers feel they are being moved onto the fringe of western society: being more and more relegated to the "crackpot" section of civilisation, Christians (myself included) find it hard to be boldly vocal in situations where our deeply held beliefs are not defended. I am far from vocal in my family concerning Christ or the gospel He brought. I was once told by a close relative that he was unsure of what i believed and that if I could write it down then he would love to read it. I wrote the site - he can not be bothered to read any of it. So I hope that I will find a brother or sister in Christ that can patiently gain from this site in a similar manner as I myself have.

Christians are told that enduring trial and suffering is "the patience and faith of the saints". To be honest, I am glad that this site may be able to edify others - If it helps solidify your own faith then you may be able to stand firm for longer with more inward strength rather than outward - since the spiritual ammunition provided on this site is simply not suitable for converting to Christianity those that would not accept it because it came from the bible, and would not except the bible because it came from God. They can not accept they themselves came from God, much less a book.

So then If we have belief on the one hand and the unbeliever on the other as before the throne of God: Is faith in so called "science" enough to stand firm and boldly so in the presence of God before His own face and declare him to be a mere product of the imagination of foolish stupid people? No, we would obviously state not.

However, as Christians I am sure many have had similar experiences with those friends, family or colleagues whereby we have had our beliefs ridiculed to our faces by those that claim it is a foolishness or idiocy to have faith in God, Jesus Christ. If science is raised up over God It will be thrown down. If patience and faith on our part is to in kind experience those which continually ridicule us "sweating on the spot" before God as they would delight to see us do so before them (being their own god themselves as the serpent spoke), I still do not look forward to that day.

It is far easier to keep your faith to yourself, It doesn't fall to many to be a great orator or bold in person. The site I wrote is perhaps a result of some other gift, I could not name it! But my faith is strong enough to withstand the fiery darts of the devil as they fly at me - it is truly a shield, and this site is as much part of my spiritual armour as that faith. Withstanding all the jibes and unintended slights is not to suffer truly - I am not so intraverted that I consider it suffering comparable to hunger or thirst with nothing but dirty water to drink: I am only patient when it comes to my own experience, I would hope that anyone with the education to benefit from this site would be strengthened in their faith as I have been.

It is a great gift of faith that enables the christian to watch nature and science documentaries and laugh off the science used to array the errors in sequence: To be able to scoff back at the men whom would be baboons, gibbons or some other monkey on screen is certainly a gift from God. When a look back at this life will show all the little lifts God has given us in a world that is so totally driven towards worshipping the methods of satan, we can look back assured that we had faith in the face of science. Will those that reject God have faith in science over reality? I can wish on their part that they could truly justify it, no one should experience delight in seeing someone damned.

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